How to Choose a Software Engineering Firm

Posted By Steve Ngoumnai on October 10, 2016


Thanks to recent advancements in technology, the role of software developers and engineers is growing ever-present in the business world. Nowadays, the slight edge between a successful and failed business is the quality of the technology that supports it. The quality of your custom technologies is contingent upon who builds it. Before we get into the process of finding one, let’s take a look at the role of a software engineering firm.

Outsourcing your software engineering needs often means one of two options. Hiring a firm for software consultancy or hiring one to entirely manage your internal processes and software projects. Just like it is with every industry, different companies deliver different sets of services. Hadron S.A for example, offers a myriad of services you can leverage. These services include, cloud computing, mobile development, web development, network & security and of course software engineering.

Oftentimes, businesses are overwhelmed with their primary activities. For these companies, the very technology infrastructure that supports their activities is often neglected in the process. This means, implementing or developing any technology solutions will require an internal dedicated team of software engineers or hiring a third party company to assist. The latter option is the better one, at least from a financial perspective. Choosing a firm however, remains the million-dollardilemma. Whilst technical ability is important, you should also look for a company that provides adequate service support. Below are a few more points to consider as you make this critical decision;

  • Experience

Consider the company’s overall experiences.Past performance is a reliable indicator of future performance. If dealing with an older company, you may simply checkout their portfolio. However, in case of startup, it is best practice to request the resume of its developers and project managers.Obtain references when possible.

  • Strong Business Process

Great project management is an art. Work with a team that will leverage their process to deliver high performance on time.

  • Design

User experience remains a very determining factor for the success of your software. Be sure to work with a company that has zeal for intuitive design.

  • Technology: Technologies are ever evolving. Look for a company that understands and adapts to its evolution.

  • Pricing: Work only with a company that is very transparent with its pricing. Be sure to understand all the charges prior to doing business.

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