Who we are

Hadron S.A is a software, data analytics and services company that provides comprehensive and fully integrated digital solutions to enable better business decision making and higher productivity at enterprises and governments. Two of the founders hold engineering degrees from providing the strong core for excellent product quality and unparalleled customer service no matter the complexity of your request or tasks. While building software products for Facebook, Google, and Aspen our founding members recognized the need for an affordable elite software engineering company at the service of organizations custom programs and product need.

With a diverse background of employees from computer science, literature, design and even specialized engineering fields such as Electrical and Chemical Engineering, Hadron S.A employees will empathize and understand your problems to build an intuitive and easy to use software available to you on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone according to your needs.

Our Values
Our vision Our vision is to become the premiere software engineering company at the service of businesses raising their digital engagement across the globe. With the combination of products and services, Hadron will attain this goal with the help of its clients. Hadron will make expand the reach of software and help the world with more automation, more efficiency and better collaboration between man and machine. Servicing both large and small companies, Hadron has plans to become a one-stop- shop for all digital solutions.
Our mission Our mission is to deliver high quality software solutions for client-specific needs we listen to our customers first to understand their needs and suggested solutions. We then propose modifications based on our expertise and quickly converge to a preliminary plan to build the solution within a specific timeframe. We maintain a constant stream of projects and have a healthy pipeline in the areas of sales management software applications, project and client management software applications, enabling websites to do more than just show information but engage your clients at various levels such as payments, project requests, e-commerce and other web applications.