Hadron has an insight of the growing advent in the Healthcare and life sciences sector. The use of technology has tremendously improved the efficacy of businesses within the Healthcare industry. Information Technology has made it possible to break through major healthcare challenges such as the errors involved in imputing data, effective monitoring, record tracking and more. Our trained engineers have the ability to deliver services as simple as websites but also the capacity to deliver on platforms as complex as telehealth applications with specific encryption algorithms and data security. Hadron has the perfect blend of resources and services you can use to leverage your organization's overall efficiency. Below are a few of the many solutions we offer

Portal Development

We are conversant with the technicalities involved in the process of portal development and are able to create customized solutions that will fit your requirements and will be suitable for you. We specialize in integrating modern technologies with eye-catching and easy to use interfaces. Our MIT trained architects have the ability to design and implement the most optimal database for your application. Depending on your security concerns, we are able to protect your data with 256 bit encryptions.

ERP and Middleware

ERP and middleware help improve business efficiency. We work to enable IT environments that are linked and integrated with business processes to establish communication between applications and backend systems.

Data Analytics

Our data analysts examine your data to improve efficiency, drive down costs and appeal to your customers more effectively.

Performance Optimization

Modifying your Software may reduce its execution time and/or give it the ability to operate with less memory and optimal usage of other computing resources thus improving efficiency.

Large Scale Processing & Scalable storage

Scale capacity up or down to meet your needs.

Secure Hosting

Depending on your requirements and industry we would build and securely host your application in a HIPAA compliant way mostly important for the healthcare industries.

Private Cloud Delivery

In this model, we provision the cloud infrastructure such that it is exclusively used by one organization. While mostly deployed to government agencies, some private sector businesses prefer the private cloud model as well.