From complete operational management at your agencies to automatic data collection and analytics systems such vehicle location systems, passenger counting systems, electronic fare payments and ticketing systems, Hadron provides the technology you need to be more efficient and stay competitive. Hadron enables Logistics and Transit organizations to take advantage of improved information Technology and better communication between operating personnel, agency managers and clientele. From land transportation to air transportation, we are conversant with the latest technologies to make your processes possible. Below are a few of the many ways we work with you:

Data Analytics

Our data analysts examine your data to improve efficiency, drive down costs and appeal to your customers more effectively.

Secure Hosting

Depending on your requirements and industry we would build and securely host your application in a HIPAA compliant way mostly important for the healthcare industries.

Email Marketting

we help set you up with a mail merging system that would allow you to build email lists, launch branded campaigns, send out newsletters and even connect your email sign up to any existing CRM tools you may be using.

Mobile Application Development

Based on the optimal design we capture from your needs, we come up with appropriate technical specifications. From those specifications we build high quality, optimized, secure and intuitive application using either native or cross-platform approaches.

Cloud based Collaboration tools

We build cloud based collaboration and productivity tools to facilitate efficient work and better delivery.

Backup/Disaster Recovery

We backup your application in a secure way.


We help optimize your webpages for search engines by applying best practices. We do so by providing services around content development such as web content and blog posts. Also, we assist with the re-writing of your content in an effort to add keywords to help optimize your online presence.

Portal Development

We are conversant with the technicalities involved in the process of portal development and are able to create customized solutions that will fit your requirements and will be suitable for you. We specialize in integrating modern technologies with eye-catching and easy to use interfaces. Our MIT trained architects have the ability to design and implement the most optimal database for your application. Depending on your security concerns, we are able to protect your data with 256 bit encryptions.