With the unprecedentedly high level at which citizens are connected to the internet and mobile devices, Information Technology is forever disrupting the way governments deal with its people. IT has rendered possible the deployment of large scale programs as those ran by states as well as the treatment of huge information stored in citizen databases. However, some state agencies still conduct many essential public services in an outdated and antiquated manner. Citizens’ transactions with the government, particularly with local government units are time-consuming, aggravating, and prone to inefficiencies because they have to deal with manual records to be printed on paper and face-to-face dealings with government employees. At Hadron, we help states by providing communication platforms such as e-mailing and ERP like file management systems, by rendering state services accessible online and by realizing government projects related but not limited to taxation systems, geographical information systems, citizen-specific data collection, call for tenders, medical campaigns, voting transparency, key performance indicator tracking and impact measurements. See how some of our services could be leveraged below:


ERP and middleware help improve business efficiency. We work to enable IT environments that are linked and integrated with business processes to establish communication between applications and backend systems.

Data Analytics

Our data analysts examine your data to improve efficiency, drive down costs and appeal to your customers more effectively.

Secure Hosting

Depending on your requirements and industry we would build and securely host your application in a HIPAA compliant way mostly important for the healthcare industries.

Cloud based Collaboration tools

We build cloud based collaboration and productivity tools to facilitate efficient work and better delivery.

System Design

Our elite team of software engineers will work with you to define your architecture, interfaces, components, modules, data for your system in an effort to satisfy your requirements.

Large Scale Processing & Scalable storage

Scale capacity up or down to meet your needs.

Portal Development

We are conversant with the technicalities involved in the process of portal development and are able to create customized solutions that will fit your requirements and will be suitable for you. We specialize in integrating modern technologies with eye-catching and easy to use interfaces. Our MIT trained architects have the ability to design and implement the most optimal database for your application. Depending on your security concerns, we are able to protect your data with 256 bit encryptions.