These days, customers and corporate associates alike are on the move and rely on mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices to stay connected. As a result, more and more business owners and organizations have to implement mobile solutions to reach out to their clients. Whether you are an established organization or simply interested in launching a mobile application, Hadron is the right partner to quickly take your project from concept to reality. We are a one-stop shop for your mobile solutions. At Hadron, we leverage our extensive iOS, Android and windows phone engineering expertise to develop intuitive, engaging and functional applications.

Application design

We give you sufficient insights into what methodology, tools and architectures are best suitable. Once you are satisfied with our solutions we set out to manage the project and deliver the service quality you need.

Mobile apps development

Based on the optimal design we capture from your needs, we come up with appropriate technical specifications. From those specifications we build high quality, optimized, secure and intuitive application using either native or cross-platform approaches.

Mobile application scalability

Should your application require to grow at any time, our innovative module-based design and development processes allow for reconfiguration, bundling and unbundling. This enables us to scale up rapidly, optimally and in a reliable manner.

Mobile and Web application interconnectivity and syncing

For businesses that need to offer services across multiple platforms from mobile to web. We integrate our mobile solutions with other platforms into a complete piece that leverages customer experience on all platforms.

User Interface/UX design

Leveraging our team of creative graphic designers and architects we build intuitive, attractive and engaging applications that provide unique and superior user-experience.

Mobile application testing

We make sure that your application is of high quality and meet your requirements through detailed testing, complete troubleshooting and thorough validation.