Internet is becoming more and more indispensable for companies that want to evolve. The proliferation of new information and communication technologies, marked by the almost systematic use of electronic mail , intranets , VoIP and the establishment of e-commerce applications , generates new risks through greater exposure the information system of enterprises outward.It is therefore important to have a network infrastructure that is both robust and resilient. Hadron is a full service IT provider. We would provide you with end-to-end network and security services to meet your organization’s needs. Hadron accompanies you in the development and evolution of your infrastructure.

Switching (LAN)

Our services include but are not limited to network segmentation (VLAN) VTP, protection against STP loops, user authentication (802.1x), L3 switching (Routing), redundancy (HSRP, VRRP)

Routing (WAN)

Hadron establishes a Connection between different networks of the company, a cross-transit network (VPN-MPLS, VPLS, LISP), a VPN site-to-site or remote access

VOIP and Telepresence

Hadron operates in IP Telephony with callmanager onsite or outsourced, telepresence and video/audio conference


Hadron provides WIFI network inside or outside the company through the 802.11g/a/n/ac technology with encryption and authentication ad hoc


Hadron provides network and application Securing, integrates the firewall generation with offload of SSL flows, and Intrusion Prevention System and Detection System ( IDS / IPS)

Risk Management and Audit of IS

Hadron operates risk analysis based on good practices ie ISO27005, ISO 31000 and Cobit 5, Audit of IS (Cobit 5 and ISO 27007)

Security Governance of IS

Hadron performs the Implementation of safety management structures, Implementation of the rules of control structures, Alignment of security governance with corporate governance (COBIT 5)